Wilson Blade 98 16x19 Tennis Racket

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Powerful and efficient tennis
The racket head on the Wilson Blade 98 CV 16x19 is relatively small at 632 cm². That means: More control. On its own, the 304 gram weight cannot guarantee fiece attack play. That all changes with the string pattern. At 16x19, the pattern is very open – get ready for the catapult effect when it’s your turn to hit the ball.

Wilson Blade 98 CV 16x19 not only stands out for its fantastic power and efficient force transfer, but also features the innovative Countervail technology. This technology reduces vibration in the racket when you hit the ball: A clear advantage for more comfort.

Players, who would like more speed and force in their swing will benefit the most from the Wilson Blade 98 CV 16x19. The smaller racket head also ensures that your power plays can be targeted and controlled.