Asics Gel-Phoenix 9 Shoe

Asics Gel-Phoenix 9 Shoe

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High quality running shoe with GEL cushioning throughout, designed to support those who overpronate.

Asics Gel Phoenix 5 Running Shoes are very well cushioned with extra features that absorb shocks and add stability to limit overpronation.

Having GEL cushioning in both the rearfoot and forefoot relieves pressure generated right through the stride pattern, while the extra cushioning of the SpEVA midsole heel insert will absorb the jarring shocks generated at impact.

A Duomax Support System in the midsole adds extra stability and support for those who tend to overpronate. The sole is made from ASICS High Abrasion Resistance rubber for greater durability.

A quality shoe with good padding and overpronation support, the Asics Gel Phoenix 5 is a serious shoe for training or road running.